Fire Alarm and Safety

Decima provides inspection, maintenance, installation, and testing services of fire alarm and safety to keep your business safe from hazards. We partner with experts in the industry to assists in developing an optimal solution that is designed to suit your specific needs while ensuring code compliance with all current laws and regulations. Our partner solutions offer smart fire safety system that provide real-time monitoring and remote diagnostic capability to ensures faster response in a critical situation

Fire alarm and safety services include:

  •    Fire Alarm Control Systems
  •    Fire Sprinkler System
  •    Fire Protective Coatings
  •    Voice Evacuation System
  •    Remote Annunciator Panel
  •    FO Linear Heat Detection System
  •    Safety Inspection and Training
  •    Safety Tools and Equipment
  •    Emergency and Exit Lighting
  •    Smart Integrated Fire Solutions
  •    Special Hazards Protection

Decima, Mitigates the risk of fire hazards efficiently and cost-effectively with a fire safety plan. Let’s join to build a safer world.