DECIMA is updating its services to optimize quality work for client satisfaction.

DECIMA invests time and resources in the following Electrical services:

1. Retrofit Services for M/V Panel, L/V Panel & Relays

2. Electrical Design and Drafting

3. Underground Power and Communication cables

4. Optimization of Diesel/Gas Generator

5. Synchronization of Generators

6. Install ATS Panels and PF panels

7. Installation of Cable Tray & Trench

8. Generators & Transformer Maintenance

9. Overhead/Underground Feeder Line

10. Electrical Sub-Station in/out Feeder Panels

11. L.V/M.V Switchgears

12. Earthing/Grounding of equipment

13. UPS Supply

14. On-Demand and Emergency Services 24/7

Our electrical crew supply and install ATS Panels, Transformers, cable tray, switch-gears, feeders and PF panels. We provide complete solution for your site requirements. Our technicians build quality products to maintain stability at customer end.

We are capable of installation & commissioning of Generators having rating from 13KVA to 1000KVA along with installation of fuel tank & earthing jobs with beyond satisfactory results. We use pure copper, earthing enhance compound, appropriate size cable earth text point with insulator and provide proper earthing chamber where you can add up water to improve the conductance.

We design monthly, quarterly and yearly service plans to best suit your application. Our qualified service personnel are there to assist in maintaining your equipment.