DECIMA is updating its services to optimize quality work for client satisfaction.

DECIMA invests time and resources in the following Automation services:

1. Control System Design And Built.

2. Programming Services, PLC, Interface Systems, SCADA Systems and Start-Up Services.

3. On-site Troubleshooting and Repair Service

4. Machine Controls Retrofit.

5. Plant Controls Retrofit.

6. HMI Graphics Development and Upgrades.

7. Control Narrative Change.

8. Optimize Alarm Management.

9. IoT Based on Smart Automation.

We are committed to providing successful execution of work in Pakistan as well as in the US. Our goal is to provide excellent automation services that enable our clients to continue to produce products in our country.

Industrial automation is a significant opportunity for companies that want to create better quality products using today’s cutting-edge technology. Technicians and engineers support this by:

  • Creating custom semi-automated assembly line tooling.

  • Using motor VFD applications, industrial PLC’s and vision systems.

  • Designing and incorporating HMIs.

  • Using sensor technologies like thermos couples, encoders/resolvers, pressure transducers, etc. across the plant.

Every day, we put our experience to work, creating solutions and solving problems.